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Northwest Tarrant Progressives Minutes: General Meeting, June 19th, 2019

The meeting was called to order by the president, Michael Stackhouse. The treasurer, membership committee chair, and marketing committee chair were also present. Total attendance was 21.

Michael recognized the evening’s speaker, Tim Brandenburg, who is running as a Democratic candidate for the 96th District Court Judge. Mr. Brandenburg, spoke with us about his vision for the future of the county and how he will maintain his courtroom if elected. Mr Brandenburg’s contact email is or find follow him on Facebook at

President, Michael Stackhouse, presented the minutes from the May 15th general meeting, and those minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer, Haley Stackhouse, reported a cash balance of $1293.30, and paid memberships at 41 for 2019. We are only 9 members away from meeting our 2019 goal of 50 members! The treasurer’s report was accepted as distributed.

Michael discussed the CEC meeting. Acknowledging the approval of the Standing Committee Chairs in the party. The Standing Committee is seeking volunteers to help them achieve their goals, inquire with the county party if interested.

Michael also discussed the redistricting map that affect the house districts 97 and 99. Among the precincts moved were 4073, 4138, 4634 (partial), 1674 and 1684. One precinct was removed: 4687. He also brought up the precinct chair map in Tarrant county and how the club is still looking to fill many empty precinct chairs.

Michael acknowledged the membership to give feedback on upcoming events. The decision was made to not have a NWTP watch party for the first debate in June. The NWTP have been invited to attend the Sting Fling in Azle, Membership approved of Indoor Booth. Member Christie Noone brought up the Train and Grain Festival in Saginaw Texas. We will look into more information on the festival and get back with the membership.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

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